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How to Use Crochet Stitch Markers

Stitch markersare of great benefit to crocheters, particularly beginners. And even pros can benefit from them for more complex projects. But before you race out or orders them online, it helps to know what they are and how you use them properly.

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All Things Linen Yarn

More durable than wool and cooler than cotton, linen yarn lends itself to a variety of projects, from heirloom lace to cool, summer clothing. But what is linen yarn, and – more importantly – what are its limitations?

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15 Fun Kandi Bracelet Ideas

They’re intended to create a tangible memory of the Rave culture. People make them by the armload to share and trade and further the concept of peace, love, unity, and respect. But how can you take your kandi bracelets to the next level?

A Guide to Rayon

Rayon is a versatile semi-synthetic fabric that can be used in almost any type of garment, but do you *really* know your rayon? We weave a technicolor tale of all things rayon.

15 Most Useful Cross Stitch Lap Stands

15 Wonderful Cross Stitch Lap Stands

There are a lot of cross stitch lap stands out there, and before you rush into planning your next cross stitch get your hands on one of these essential tools to make your next project even easier.

Best Heat Press Machines

The 8 Best Heat Press Machines

The right heat press machine can make or break your projects, and if you’ve been bitten by the transfer project bug picking up the press machine requires research. We break down what to look for when considering a machine and a list of our favorites.